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So you’re weighing your vehicle options and the Chevy Trax catches your attention. It’s a fun, compact SUV that carries an air of confidence, and who doesn’t want a ride like that? But in spite of its looks, you still have questions, and we get it. A vehicle is a big investment, so, of course, you’ll want to see to it that it carries both the features you need and want. That’s where we come in to help, answering questions such as “Does Chevy Trax have heated seats?” and much more.

In bringing answers to the table, we hope that you’ll come closer to settling on the vehicle of your choice. A vehicle isn’t just a machine on four wheels to get you from place to place. It’s your transportation to and during adventures.

You want reliability and comfort if you can get it, right?

Does Chevy Trax have heated seats?
So, does Chevy Trax have heated seats? The answer is simple.

Yes, the Chevy Trax does have heated seats if you go beyond the basic model.

The basic model can be upgraded to included heated front seats.

Additionally, you can acquire the upgrade that includes premium cloth or leatherette upholstery and a power-adjustable driver’s seat to sweeten your SUV’s comfort.

In short, if you get the basic model, guess what? You’ll get the basics. But if you go a step beyond that, you can acquire the features that make your vehicle a star. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for usefulness. Both can be had in the Chevy Trax.

But heated seats are not the only features you can have with this fun SUV. There’s a lot more where those came from. And we’ll explain what we mean in the subsequent paragraphs. Read on!

Does the Chevy Trax have a rearview camera?
Oh yes, it does! The Chevy Trax does indeed have a rearview camera system. This is a big asset to the driver who’s backing up and trying to back out of a tight parking lot.

And not only that, it can be helpful in keeping pets or children safe. Even with the best practices, all it takes is a second for a living thing to come into the path of a vehicle that’s backing up. A rearview camera will help you see to it that everyone is safe.

You’ll love the extra help found in a rearview camera as you maneuver your Chevy Trax through life.

What sort of safety features are included with the Chevy Trax?
Before we give you the details, keep in mind that drivers are still required to exercise attentiveness and responsiveness in driving. Safety features do not replace the active mind of a responsible driver. They’re merely a help.

Safety features include forward collision alert, side blind zone alert and lane departure warning. There’s also rear park assist (which we delve into later) and rear cross-traffic alert.

What does the Chevy Trax have as far as Bluetooth and other tech?
As far as it goes with tech and entertainment-related features, the Chevy Trax delivers. Whether you’re a single or a family, the Chevy Trax will give you the connections and features you want for a fun-filled adventure or a relaxing drive back home from work.

Here’s what you’ll find in this compact SUV’s MyLink infotainment system: a 7-inch touch screen display. It comes jam-packed with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, WiFi hotspot capabilities, and of course, there’s a Bluetooth connection. This makes syncing your phone with your car a breeze.

Have a favorite playlist on your phone? No worries. You can jam to the music, thanks to your Bluetooth connection with MyLink.

The Chevy Trax also features two USB ports and a six-speaker audio system at a minimum. This speaker system can be upgraded to a Bose seven-speaker system. This will prove useful for your favorite songs, Bluetooth calls, and even school lectures you may need to listen to.

But you don’t have to think of just your phone’s playlist options. Satellite radio is also available with the Chevy Trax.

And let’s not forget about the handy dandy remote start feature and push-button start.

Don’t forget that you can get the Chevy Trax to come with a 110-volt power outlet and a sunroof.

Navigate life with the Chevy Trax
While it does have heated seats, we learned that the Chevy Trax carries other useful features, too.

To say that the Chevy Trax isn’t cut out for the curves you find yourself facing is rather unfair. Just because it’s compact doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. Give it a chance, and we think you’ll be pleased to navigate life at the helm of a Chevy Trax.

More than one solution for your vehicle needs
Now you not only know the answer to your question, “Does Chevy Trax have heated seats?”, you also know about other exciting features the vehicle offers. Of course, if you’re looking for something else that’s dependable yet a little different, check out the Chevy Equinox.

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