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As a full-sized truck, the Chevy Silverado is hard to miss. If you see this beast in person, you’d be forgiven for gawking at its sheer size. Sometimes more is more, and if you’re tempted to buy this magnificent workhorse, you’re probably wondering just how long is a Chevy Silverado?
That’s exactly what we’ll be looking at in detail, as well as what other important considerations you should make before you buy.

How long is a Chevy Silverado? And other dimensions

The new 2020 edition of the Chevy Silverado stuck to the winning recipe with no changes to the dimensions. Buyers can still opt for the crew cab/short bed, single cab/long bed, or double cab/standard bed options.
There are only trivial differences between the lengths of these trims. The crew cab/short bed and double cab/standard bed options both have a total length of 231.70 inches. The single cab/long bed option is only a hair’s breadth shorter at 229.50 inches. You can add a few inches onto both of these for your rear bumper plus any towing gear.
That gives the Silverado an equally massive wheelbase of 147.4 inches (139.56 for the 2WD).

That’s a relatively standard length for full-size trucks like the Silverado, although it does outdo most by a few inches.
The same goes for most other exterior dimensions with the width at around 81.24 inches.
As you might expect, that doesn’t make this the easiest vehicle to park. It needs space to roam in the open country and sticks out like a sore thumb in the cramped-up city.

Can you use it off-road?

In addition to wondering how long is a Chevy Silverado, you may also be wondering if you can use this vehicle off-road. The short answer is, yes. The Chevy Silverado is a very capable off-roader in the same league as the Ford F-150 Raptor and Ram 1500 Rebel. The Raptor will do slightly better as a desert runner, but that’s what it’s built for.
The Chevy Silverado features just enough clearance to compensate for its length. It should safely carry you through uneven or extremely muddy terrain without getting stuck.
For 2WD trims, the clearance starts at just over 8 inches. That should be enough for most non-recreational off-roading needs.
The Trail Boss trim is the go-to option for off-road enthusiasts. It comes with a more powerful 5.8L V8 engine and 4WD for more power and traction as well as some other off-roading gadgets. The 10.88 ground clearance is also just about enough, even for tough 4×4 tracks.

How much can you haul with the Chevy Silverado?

If you’re looking for a full-sized truck, chances are you need it to do some serious lifting. That means some serious cab space as well as a decent towing capacity.
Of course, the cab space depends on the option you go with. With the short bed, you get 62.9 cubic feet standard while you get 71.7 with the standard bed and 89.10 with the long bed. That can be almost doubled by adding a truck topper or net.
Nevermind doing the groceries, even shopping for furniture should be no trouble with that amount of space.
The Silverado is also no slouch when it comes to towing. It’s GVWR starts at 6,800 pounds which leaves 2,431 pounds of payload capacity after subtracting the 4,369 pounds curb weight. If you’re not impressed yet, that’s only for the most basic 2WD models.
The 4WD High Country can be equipped for a max GVWR of 7,300 pounds. However, as it’s also a heavier vehicle, it doesn’t add too much in the way of towing capacity.

Can you spread your legs in the interior?

Although you’re looking for a tough workhorse, that doesn’t mean you want to drive it with your knees next to your elbows. And, what about those times you want to take the family to a weekend getaway?
No matter which trim you pick, the front seats stay the same with 44.53 inches of legroom, 43.11 inches of headroom, and 66.06 inches of shoulder room. However, the rear seat can be a completely different story.
The double cab comes with a smaller extended cab with only 35.24 inches of legroom. That’s akin to much smaller subcompact vehicles, like the Toyota Yaris. This is good enough for small kids or shorter trips with adults, like driving your working crew from point A to B.
However, the crew cab is geared towards families and long trips with a perfectly spacious 43.4 inches of legroom.
Of course, you’ll need to be aware that whatever space gets added to spread your legs gets taken straight from your cargo.

The Chevy Silverado is proof more is more

The Chevy Silverado seems to bring everything to the table you expect from a full-sized truck. Off-road capabilities, cargo space, and a decent towing rating are what most people look at when considering this type of vehicle. Now you know the answer to your question, “How long is a Chevy Silverado?” If you’re apprehensive about how long the Chevy Silverado is, know that it’s for a good reason and that it comes with the necessary ground clearance and off-roading features to compensate for its lanky build.
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