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Is the Chevy Trax All-Wheel Drive?

Before buying a car, you first need to consider its features and whether they match your needs. If you want a vehicle that can withstand any weather conditions, then an all-wheel-drive car might be for you.

An all-wheel-drive (AWD) vehicle features a powertrain that provides power to all its wheels, full-time or on-demand. The Chevy Trax, manufactured by Chevrolet, is a sub-compact SUV first introduced in the US in 2015 and it features an all-wheel-drive to navigate all sorts of off-road conditions. Having a Chevy Trax in Okemos, MI, where weather can be unpredictable, will guard you for near any weather conditions.

Chevy Trax Okemos, MI – Key Features for Tough Driving Conditions

All-wheel drive

All three Chevy Trax trims are available in AWD, offering the fuel-efficiency of four-wheel-drive (FWD) in ordinary conditions with the extra traction of AWD in challenging conditions like heavy snow.

Body Shape

The Trax is compact enough to navigate tight spaces; however, it features a shorter wheelbase for a less stable feel when driving off-road. This is definitely something to bear in mind when driving in challenging terrain.

Its taller design offers excellent visibility both in the city and the outdoors. With 6.2 inches of ground clearance, driving a Chevy Trax in Okemos, MI will offer a lot more breathing room than the average sedan.

Safety, Off-road & Driver-assist Features

The Trax comes with several features that make it an excellent outdoor vehicle. These include:

  • Power steering for greater control
  • Antilock disc brakes that maintain control on slippery surfaces
  • Skid plates
  • StabiliTrak, an electronic stability control system with traction control and brake assist
  • Remote Start, to warm up the car ahead of time


Newer models of the Chevy Trax in Okemos, MI feature powerful halogen projector-beam headlamps on the Premium trim and LED signature lighting tail-lights to enable drivers behind you to see you better.

Gear Shifting

The Chevy Trax also features 6-speed automatic transmission with all trims that can change to electronic switching on demand. This capability offers greater control in extreme driving conditions.


This vehicle only comes with one lightweight engine option – the 1.4L Turbo ECOTEC engine. It has 138 HP at 4900 RPM and 148 pound-feet of torque at 1850 RPM.

However, this lightweight engine shouldn’t give you problems getting through heavy snow or up a modest hill, but you might not have enough power to match all forms of rough terrain.

Key Takeaways

Even though the current models of Chevy Trax in Okemos, MI will be upgraded in 2022, this pint-sized, easily maneuverable, subcompact SUV features an excellent design with modern infotainment technologies. It offers decent fuel economy, seat comfort, and cargo space. Its magnificent body is tall enough to provide both adequate ground clearance and excellent all-round visibility.

The one feature that lets it down is its underwhelming engine power, which results in dull handling and an overall uncomfortable ride. This shortfall means that this vehicle may not be able to handle the roughest inclines or weather conditions.

However, the Trax still has excellent all-wheel-drive capability and other useful driver-assist features that support your safety as you move from point A to point B in all-weather conditions.

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