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While both the GMC Terrain and Chevy Equinox come from the same factory and share some similarities, they’re different enough to attract a wide variety of consumers. So, which one would be better for you?


The Terrain and Equinox share the same bones, which translates into very similar dimensions. The Equinox is around the same size as the Terrain when you consider external dimensions.

The two SUVs are also very similar when it comes to usable interior space. Both the GMC and Chevy will fit four people plus the driver comfortably, though the GMC has slightly more headroom.


The Equinox has a little more torque than the Terrain, which translates into a better grip and somewhat better off-road performance. If you often use your tow bar, the higher torque of the Chevy Equinox makes enough of a difference to be noticeable when towing.

The rest of the engine specs are about the same, and both cars put out the same amount of power and have the same top speed. The Terrain comes with a 9-speed automatic, while the Chevy comes with a 6-speed automatic. Neither car comes standard with all-wheel drive. You’ll have to move up to a higher trim level to get that for either car.

The Equinox has three engine options, namely the 1.5 l turbo, the 2.4 l four-cylinder straight, and the 3.6 l V6. The Terrain offers the same three options. The engines are almost identical, offering the same gas mileage, horsepower and torque.


Both the Terrain and Equinox have many of the creature comforts modern drivers expect. If you compare the GMC Terrain SLT and Chevy Equinox LT, you’ll notice that the Terrain offers several advantages over the Equinox.

One aspect where the GMC shines is its active noise cancellation, which neutralizes most environmental and road noise. The GMC also comes with leather upholstery as a standard, whereas you’ll need to move up a trim level to get that in the Chevy Equinox.


Both cars share the same engine, which means they get similar mileage out of every tank. The four-cylinder engine in the Terrain delivers 27 mpg, while the similar Equinox engine offers between 26 and 28 mpg.

Both cars are smaller crossovers that offer the driving pleasure of a small car with the space and utility of an SUV. They are both incredibly easy to park while still being big enough for all your groceries, friends, family, and pets.


The current Chevy Equinox starts at around $24,995, while the GMC Terrain costs $26,195. In the next level, the Terrain SLE costs $31,195 without options, while the Chevy Equinox LS costs $29,095. The Terrain is consistently more expensive than its Equinox partner. This is because the Terrain offers slightly more luxury.


If you’re looking for a size difference, there really isn’t one between the Chevy and the GMC. Both have around the same width, length, and inside space. Both are comfortable and easy to drive. Their engines are almost the same as well. Ultimately, the only difference is in price and some optional trims that the GMC offers. Whether or not those extras are worth the cost is something you’ll need to think about before committing to either car.

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