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A vehicle’s dashboard can speak volumes of the vehicle’s caliber. It’s the control panel of a vehicle and it displays instrumentation, controls, and warning notices. What does the Chevy Traverse dashboard say about the Traverse? Check it out.

We’re breaking down the dashboard of this stellar mid-size SUV. Bold and refined from the inside out, the Traverse’s dashboard is not exempt from quality design.

Follow along as we look at the bells and whistles, nuts and bolts of the Chevy Traverse dashboard. It’s family-friendly, whether it’s you or your teen behind the wheel.

Taking a look at the Chevy Traverse Dashboard

So let’s look at the Chevy Traverse dashboard. You’ll love the sleek and practical design that’s integrated into this vehicle. This vehicle is ranked #6 in mid-size SUVs. And for good reason — it’s a vehicle that’s worth your time to research.

The dashboard basics
The instruments included in the dashboard include a speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, tachometer, engine coolant temperature gauge, RPM meter, and high beam symbols.

There’s also a charging system light, malfunction indicator lamp, brake system warning, electric parking brake light, service electric parking brake light, the antilock brake system warning light, and a tow/haul mode light.

Safety features on the dashboard
Additionally, there are safety features included in the dashboard to keep drivers aware and keep pedestrians or other drivers safe.

There’s a lane keep assist light to help you stay in your lane, a vehicle ahead indicator to let you know if you’re following too close to another vehicle, and a pedestrian ahead indicator to detect pedestrians that are too close.

A traction off light and StabiliTrak OFF light, traction control system light, tire pressure light, engine oil pressure light, and low fuel warning light are also in the mix. There is also a security light connected to your theft-deterrent system.

And what about the steering wheel?
The steering wheel also comes with some extras. It’s a control panel for the interactive display that’s located at the center of your instrument cluster. The arrows and buttons on the right side of your steering wheel allow you to scroll through various items. With your hands on the steering wheel, you can flip through music, radio stations, and even answer calls.

Some models come with a button that turns on a heating element in your steering wheel — perfect for those cold weather days!

On the left-hand side of your steering wheel, you’ll find cruise control features.

As you can see, the Chevy Traverse dashboard means business. It’s perfect for comfort and style as you take on those long road trips or short jaunts to the grocery store.

Say hello to the infotainment system
Another worthy element that you’ll find on your Chevy Traverse dashboard is the infotainment system.

The infotainment system brings connectivity and technology to your vehicle. It integrates your gadgets for a cutting-edge experience to streamline everyday life. Listen to your favorite podcast, check your email, and answer phone calls. There’s even a myChevrolet app to help you leverage your vehicle’s potential from your phone.

Stay connected while you drive to get the kids from school or while you go on your next big adventure to the beach. The world is yours with the Chevy Traverse’s infotainment system at your side.

The system works with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even SiriusXM.

And don’t forget about the connected navigation feature. Get to your destination with a map that’s internet-based, keeping you abreast of traffic issues or road closures. You’re not in the dark when you’re driving in the Chevy Traverse.

It’s hard not to notice the Chevy Traverse dashboard with all its practical features and extra bells and whistles. If you ask us, it’s a worthy vehicle for most adventures. Why not give it a spin and see for yourself? This three-row SUV fits the whole family and provides peace of mind with its safety features. (Like the ones we mentioned above.)

Adaptable, fun, and full of surprises

With the Chevy Traverse dashboard, there’s no telling where you can go. The sky’s the limit. Ride in comfort, safety, and confidence as you work or vacation.
It’s a peppy, fuel-efficient V-6 with plenty of space and good hauling capabilities.

Before you go, take a look beyond the Chevy Traverse dashboard. Take a moment to check out further reading material on this vehicle. Have you wondered if the Chevy Traverse is good for singles or seniors? Do you know what the difference is between the Chevy Traverse and the GMC Acadia? If not, it may be time to study up.

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