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Where Is the Chevy Traverse Made?

There is no doubt that Chevy Traverse is the best SUV for large families looking for a vehicle for everyday use. The style and level of technology in the vehicle promise to make every trip an unforgettable experience.

The GM Lansing Delta Township Assembly plant in Michigan, makes the Traverse along with other GMC Limited Full-size Crossover utility vehicles. No other manufacturer other than GM Lansing manufactures the Chevy Traverse in Okemos, MI, for both local and international markets.

A History of the Chevy Traverse

The Traverse has gone through two generations; the first model launched in 2009 and ran up to 2017, with several upgrades throughout these years.
For instance, a facelift in 2012 featured a new grille and front fascia, and in 2014, the Traverse underwent additional cosmetic changes to include:

  • Forward collision alert,
  • Lane departure warning,
  • Audio system updates on the dual-charge USB port.

The second generation of Traverse came onto the market in 2018. General Motors unveiled the new model at the North American International Auto show in Detroit.

This new model has adopted a new truck-like design, with additional cues from the mid-size Acadia and the Chevrolet front grill design. The dimensions are similar to the first generation but have an extra two inches on the wheelbase and a length of 0.7 inches.

Chevy Traverse Features

Striking Design
The Traverse is stylish from top to bottom and undeniably makes its presence known on the road. It has chrome accents with dynamic contours on the body for a sturdy build and stand-out appearance.
If you have a family that’s on the go, the Chevy Traverse is also best-in-class for maximum cargo space, offering 98.2 cubic feet for maximum versatility. There is also hidden storage available in the rear under-floor compartment or behind the infotainment screen.

Extended Comfort
Your car should not compromise on comfort as you’ll most likely use it daily.
When driving your Chevy Traverse in Okemos, MI, you’ll be kept in comfort with a spacious cabin that can fit a family of eight. The seats are covered with royal leather and the car features smart-slide seating that slides to give access to both second- and third-row seats.
We love that the front seats are heated and ventilated to give you either freshness or warmth as the weather dictates.

Hands-Free Power Liftgate
When you have your hands full, it can be difficult to open the driver’s door or release the lift-gate. Hands-free lift-gates make it easy to multitask and enable car owners to pack items or groceries quickly and conveniently.
The Chevy Traverse features a power lift-gate that enables owners to open and close it hands-free with a simple kicking motion over the emblem projection, which is under the rear bumper.

Safety Like Never Before
Safety is the number one priority of Chevrolet.
The Traverse has several safety features to include:

  • Rear-view cameras,
  • Sensors,
  • Radar.

The collision alert at the front-end warns and informs drivers of an imminent collision or if another vehicle is following them too closely. Additionally, the pedestrian braking system alerts drivers if there is a possibility of hitting a pedestrian.

Key Takeaways

With General Motors rolling out the new 2020 Chevy Traverse in Okemos, MI, things are looking up for this mid-sized SUV. The 2020 Traverse, finished in Silver Ice Metallic, rides smoothly over the roughest terrain, has decent gas mileage, has a superb infotainment system, and features plenty of cargo.
With this vehicle, GM’s Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant has produced an excellent mid-sized SUV that ranks highly with consumers in its category.

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